Fiendish Fancies Malevolent Indie Expo VIP Exclusive

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Provided for review

Remember how Indie Expo was so awesome and I never wanted it to end? Well, I'm keeping the spirit alive with some swatches of goodies I received at the event. To keep you entertained, I have one of the IEC VIP Bag Exclusives from Fiendish Fancies.

Fiendish Fancies Malevolent

Fiendish Fancies Malevolent

Have you ever worn a nail polish that really looked its most awesome in shade? Fiendish Fancies Malevolent is one of those polishes. You can really see all the nifty glitters and flakes when it's not in direct light and I love that. This is a pretty burnt red with lots of gold flakes and maybe some gunmetal flakes too. There's lots going on in here and I'm all about that. This was one of six different polishes in the VIP Bags. I receive this as a PR sample and Shapeshifter in my actual VIP Bag which I also received (for free) as press. 

I am wearing three coats of Fiendish Fancies Malevolent plus top coat. What a yummy red!

Fiendish Fancies Malevolent

Fiendish Fancies Indie Expo Exclusive nail polish

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