Tonic Polish Bloody Hell Swatch

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I'm no newbie to the indie nail scene but I am not keeping up like I used to. Tonic Polish is arguably the biggest indie brand of the moment. I think one of their super LE polishes sold in for over $500 USD in a Facebook auction... reminds me of the Enchanted Polish days! Oh, how the times change. 

Tonic Polish Bloody Hell is a blackened maroon jelly base with sparkly ruby-red shimmer and sprinklings of tiny holo microglitters, and glowing iridescent blue micro glitters that sparkle out mysteriously like eyes glowing out of the darkness. I am wearing two coats plus top coat as this did dry a little textured (even after top coat) due to the microglitters. I really loved wearing this but I don't recall having it on for very long... maybe three days? I just got bored of it for some reason. Whoa. Can you tell I'm going through some stuff from my negative reviews of gorgeous polishes and how they're "somehow not enough"? 

This polish is gorgeous and I loved wearing it. Seriously. Vampy and sexy and excellently formulated.

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