My Favourite 10 Polishes I Blogged About in 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019

Post includes polishes provided for review in the past

It's that time of year when I recap my favorite ten polishes that I blogged about in the last year. I would say that 2019 was the year I wore nail polish the least in the past decade. I almost always had naked nails except for swatching the polishes I shared on my blog. I can think of a handful of manicures I wore that I shared on my Instagram (@streetsaheadstyle) but other than those, I didn't really wear much on my nails this year. It's been a hard year and I didn't really have the energy or inclination to polish my nails. I am hoping to fix that for 2020 but I won't add any more pressure to myself. Que sera sera, as they say. In the meantime, enjoy my top 10 of 2019! In no particular order...

Top 10 Polishes 2019 by Streets Ahead Style

My Indie Polish Hendrix was squishy, juicy, dark and loaded with tiny UCC flakes. Need I say more?

Girly Bits Let's Get Basted was loaded with teeny tiny shifty flakes in a shimmery base. I clearly had a thing for teeny tiny flakes this year.

Girly Bits The Final Shift because it's the last-ever CoTM and purple.

Painted Polish Sucker for a Slayer is magical and juicy and also filled with tiny UCC colour-shifting flakes. I sound like a broken record. 

BLUSH Lacquers Ride the Wave was ethereal in all the right ways. While this polish was released in 2018, I only got around to weating/blogging it in 2019 and I loved it.

My Indie Polish Sunspot might have been the brightest nail polish I wore all year. This orange is packed with shimmer and glows like a mofo.

Paint It Pretty Polish Go For It nailed that perfect periwinkle base with the prettiest pink/lilac shimmer so what's not to love.

Girly Bits Hell Raisin' melted my purple-loving heart. 

My Indie Polish That Whole Bunny Gig was cute as a button. I mean, come on! It's like bubble gum ice cream on your nails.

BLUSH Lacquers Princessa was a dainty AF option for the lady in me. The gold flakes go perfectly with the gold rings I like to wear. Yes, I'm snobby. (But all my gold is vintage or second hand so I'm not really a snob. Just a little. Sue me!) But I honestly loved this one so much and I don't often reach for neutrals like this. It's an elevated palate cleanser to round out the list.

Which polishes are your favourite from 2019? Did any of my favourites top your list too? Are there any you think I missed? 

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