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Sunday, June 21, 2020

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Summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere and I am literally and figuratively jumping for joy. So, why not celebrate with some sparkle and smiles? I recently received a set of nail art brushes and tools from (use my code SAS10 for 10% off!) so I took them out to play with some help from my sister who happens to be an amazing artist. I couldn't resist doing a holographic happy face nail art look. offers $5 CAD flat rate shipping within Canada and free shipping over $99. There are also shipping discounts for US and worldwide customers. Continue reading for my review of the brushes and to learn more about how I achieved this easy smiley face holographic nail art look.

Easy smiley face nail art featuring a sparkly background

Easy smiley face nail art with holographic background

You already know I'm a big fan of as they are the only Canadian shop to carry Cadillacquer - one of my new fave brands. But now I have a whole new reason to love them which is their high quality, professional nail art tools, including brushes, silicone, dotting tools and stamping accessories. I opted to get my NailStuff Nail Brush and Tool Set customized with my Instagram handle @streetsaheadstyle and I feel very fancy. Who doesn't love a little customization? nail brush set and clear jelly stamper

NailStuff nail brush set review customized with @streetsaheadstyle handle

In terms of the quality of the NailStuff nail art brush set, I am completely impressed. I have ordered nail art brushes online in the past from eBay and Amazon but they are nothing compared to the quality of the NailStuff brushes. From the packaging (which you can see below) to the sturdiness of the handle to the weight in your hand to the bristles themselves, these brushes are high quality. They are absolutely a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys nail art or wants that perfect salon-quality manicure. And I am pleased to report that their brushes use synthetic fibres so they're completely vegan friendly. The bristles of the brushes are perfectly flexible and work well with both regular and gel nail polish. All NailStuff tools are constructed with a metal body. The brushes have a removable handle that can be used as a cap which is super handy and great for ensuring your bristles are not bent or damaged in storage.

NailStuff nail brush set review closeup on bristles

The NailStuff Silicone Tool Set is great for nail artists. They are super soft tools which have numerous uses: applying and shaping gel, cuticle clean up, negative space nail art and applying fine powders and flakes. They can be used with regular polish, gel and acrylic. I also like using them to push back my cuticles before painting my nails. 

In the set, you will receive five single ended silicone tools: Angle, Round Cup, Chisel Cup, Chisel and Fine Tapered Point.

NailStuff Silicone Tool Set review

The NailStuff Dotting Tool Trio is wonderful for dotticures and water marbling. The trio includes three dotting tools: Tear Drop + 1.5mm, 1mm + 2mm, and 1.5mm + 3mm (they're double ended). These have an all-metal construction which makes them extremely durable. Use acetone on a cotton pad to clean polish from the dotting tool heads. 

NailStuff dotting tool set review

The full set of NailStuff Nail Art Brushes and Tools ($74.99 CAD) includes:
Micro Detail Brush (4mm)

The NailStuff Large Crystal Nail File ($11.99 CAD) is another wonderful product that I have been using a lot since receiving my package. I prefer using crystal files as they are safer for your nails and help prevent peeling and damage. This file is expertly crafted in Prague by Mont Bleu, a world renowned manufacturer of high quality, Czech tempered glass (Czech crystal). The file even comes with a lifetime warranty on the filing surface. This product is a great investment in your nails!

There is also a small crystal file ($7.99 CAD) which is perfect for on-the-go fixes.

easy smiley face nail art with holo sparkles

And for my super simple and easy smiley face holographic nail art look, I started off with my base coat then applied one coat of Paint It Pretty Polish Disco Ball and one coat of Enchanted Polish Rainbow Dust. After that dried, I used the NailStuff Round Brush to apply circles on my nail with a nice, fluid nail polish (I would recommend a stamping polish or something on the jelly side for a really modern look) and then drew on the faces with the NailStuff 4mm Micro Detail Brush using an opaque black nail polish. To get a super glossy finish, I applied a coat of a very glossy top coat (non-quick drying) and then a quick dry top coat. I waited about 15 minutes after doing the nail art to ensure it was COMPLETELY dry before top coating. And there you have it!

Easy smiley face nail art holographic tutorial

easy smiley face nail art with holo sparkles nail art brushes round detail brush and micro detail brush

Easy smiley face nail art holographic tutorial

What do you think of this easy smiley face nail art? As someone who is usually afraid of nail art, I was surprised by how simple it was to create a really professional-looking manicure. Have you checked out If you do, use my code SAS10 for 10% off your purchase.

Easy smiley face nail art holographic tutorial links:
website (use the code SAS10 to save 10%)

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