Tonic Nail Polish On Your Lips Late Summer 2020 Swatches & Review

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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 Tonic Polish is well known for their nail polish but they are also moving into the cosmetics market with their new Tonic Transform Sticks (for your lips!). In tandem with the Late Summer 2020 nail polish release, Tonic is releasing their new Transform Balm Sticks! This is a brand new product entirely different from Tonic's tinted balms and they are not your average lipsticks. As someone who love nail polish as well as lipstick, I am super excited to be sharing these Tonic Transform Sticks with you!

Tonic Polish Transform Sticks are available in Canada from Girly Bits Cosmetics with free shipping on orders over $80 CAD. The Tonic Polish Late Summer 2020 On Your Lips Collection will release on September 4 at 2:00 p.m. central. You can preorder these Transform Sticks from Girly Bits from September 4 to September 12. And, as I usually do now that I'm a wannabe YouTuber, you can watch me talk about the Transform Sticks and nail polish in real time on the Streets Ahead Style YouTube channel.

Tonic Transform Sticks lipsticks

Watch my live lipstick application on YouTube:

Tonic Transform Sticks lipsticks

And now for something completely different than what you're used to on this blog... lip swatches! I am no Temptalia, let me tell you (the Queen of Lip Swatches). However, I had a ton of fun trying out the Tonic Transform Sticks ($ CAD products I was sent. 

In the words of Tonic Polish... "What I have been trying to create, ever since I started experimenting with cosmetic formulations, is a super moisturizing, feel good, easy to wear, easy to apply, easy to carry, dramatic lip color that can show off specialty color shifting shimmers and flakes! The result is the Tonic Transform Stick! If you were to make a Venn diagram with lipstick, gloss, balm, and salve circles the overlapping area in the middle would be Tonic Transform."

The Tonic Transform Sticks offer the following:
-Dramatic color
-Multichrome and iridescent color shifts
-Super soft, almost gel-like stick formula glides on easily
-Shiny, glossy finish
-Packed with good-for-your skin, hydrating ingredients like jojoba butter, castor oil, fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E
-Packaged in our 0.15 ounce oval shaped balm tube which makes it easy to carry and apply
- The Tonic Transform Sticks are not vegan as they contain a small amount of beeswax

Tonic Transform Sticks lipsticks

In terms of application, they all applied evenly and smoothly. Despite being balms, I was completely impressed by their application and longevity. I swiped the Tonic Transform Stick directly onto my lips from the tube, building up the colour as I saw fit. The darker shades built up quickly. Sparked is pretty much clear but with a hint of red to gold sparkle. It's a great option for when you want to keep your lips moisturized but a little bit sparkly. I found the formula to be mostly moisturizing and the balm lasted well over 8 hours. I have to say the standouts for me are Bubble Gum, Beetle and Starry Night. I love a vampy lip and the Tonic Transform Sticks deliver! Did I mention they are gorgeous in the tube too?!

Tonic Transform Velvet ($16.75 CAD | 0.15 oz.) is a lush raisin packed with iridescent yellow-green-blue shifting sparks.

Tonic Transform Stick Velvet indie lipsticks

Tonic Transform Bubblegum ($12.75 CAD | 0.15 oz.) is a bright pink with a hint of dimensional blue shimmer. This might be my favourite because it's pink and the formula is awesome. It reminds me a little bit of MAC Show Orchid but cruelty free and indie!

Tonic Transform Stick Bubble Gum indie lipsticks

Tonic Transform Starry Night ($16.75 CAD | 0.15 oz.) is blackened gold metallic shimmer with bright gold sparks and a subtle emerald green shift! Think sultry and powerful rather than a gothic kind of black.

Tonic Transform Stick Starry Night indie lipsticks

Tonic Transform Gilded ($16.75 CAD | 0.15 oz.) is an antiqued metallic brass in a barely-there raisin base with a subtle gunmetal shift.

Tonic Transform Stick Gilded indie lipsticks

Tonic Transform Sparked ($14 CAD | 0.15 oz.) is an iridescent red-yellow-green shifting sparks in an otherwise colorless balm base! Sparkles flashes of red like crazy on a sunny day.

Tonic Transform Stick Sparked indie lipsticks

Tonic Transform Beetle ($19 CAD | 0.15 oz.) is dark metallic fuchsia-gold-green shifting multichrome.

Tonic Transform Stick Beetle indie lipsticks

Do you love lipsticks? Are you curious to try any of the Tonic Transform Sticks? I am very impressed and so happy to see a more natural and indie range of lipsticks in such cool finishes.

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