Girly Bits Rock My World November 2020 HHC Swatches & Review

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Get in the car! Girly Bits Cosmetics is continuing her nail polish road trip across Canada for her Hella Handmade Creations series. For November, we are visiting Mount Yamnuska in Alberta, Canada. While this polish features an antique white linear holographic base, it packs a mega punch with the sparkle and flakes. I am grateful I don't work somewhere that requires "neutral" nail polish but I imagine this could fly under the radar but keep you entertained when you catch your nails in the sunlight or fluorescent overhead lights.

Check out @your.girl.vee and The Polished Mage for more swatches of this beautiful polish:
The Polished Mage

If you're interested in seeing how this polish applies in real time, I will have a live swatch video of Girly Bits Rock My World on the Streets Ahead Style YouTube channel. Or, read on for more photos of this dynamic nail polish that will be sure to rock your world!

Girly Bits Rock My World swatch

Check out my live swatch in my YouTube live application video for Hella Handmade Creations November 2020: 

Girly Bits Rock My World HHC swatch

Girly Bits Rock My World ($13 USD | 3 coats | 15 mL | capped at 150 bottles | 5 free and cruelty free) is described as light nude holographic base packed with iridescent colour shifting flakes in orange, pink, violet, blue, and lime green. This polish has a very smooth formula. It is on the sheer side but builds up nicely in three coats and because there is so much going on, you can't really see any visible nail line. I absolutely love this polish and the iridescent flakes make me so happy. 

In terms of its inspiration, Girly Bits Rock My World is inspired by Mount Yamnuska in Alberta, Canada which is one of Pam's daughter's favourite hikes. It is the first mountain you see when entering the mountains from Calgary. It goes through a birch forest first then on to a nice rocky hike that has chains on it to assist you on the sketchy parts. There are many false peaks and beautiful views of the valley before the mountains. Unfortunately, it's closed now because it’s become dangerous.

Girly Bits Rock My World HHC swatch

Girly Bits Rock My World HHC swatch

For the Hella Handmade Creations shop, each maker picks a theme that they will follow for several months. The shop will open on the 14th of each month at 12:01 AM EST and the shopping window is seven days, ending on the 21st at 11:59PM Hawaii time. The will be a pre-order each month and the expected TAT is 3-4 weeks after the shop closes for the month.

So, does this polish rock your world? I personally love how delicate yet flashy it is. That is what I love so much about holographic nail polishes. 

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