My Top 10 Nail Polishes of 2020

Monday, December 28, 2020

Some polishes provided for review

Well, well, well, another year is coming to an end. And not just any year but maybe one of the most challenging years in decades. It's been one for the books to say the least. In terms of my blog and nail polish, it's been a great year. I started the Streets Ahead Style YouTube channel and got my nail polish mojo back. I had kind of stopped wearing nail polish (beyond swatching it) but in mid-2020 got back into it which has been a lot of fun. I met a lot of new nail polish friends and continued to build relationships with existing pals. I am grateful for it all! Thanks for reading this blog if anyone even reads it anymore. I am very active on Instagram if you aren't already following me: @streetsaheadstyle.

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just ten polishes for 2020 but I have done it past years and I was determined to do it again this year. Read on to see my top picks and feel free to share yours in the comments. If you want to hear me talk about the polishes, I've got a video on my YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

Top 10 nail polishes of 2020 Streets Ahead Style

I love this polish because it's a one coater. It's such a bright red with the best formula ever. I fell in love Dimension Nails. You can buy Dimension Nails at with 10% off using my affiliate code SAS10.

Dimension Nails Scarlet Peacock Butterfly swatch

I love this polish because of the lilac base and the cute array of glitters throughout. It makes me smile when I see it on my nail and the formula is great as you can always expect from a My Indie Polish crelly.

My Indie Polish Replicated swatch

Red-Eyed Lacquer Don't Go Dragon-On My Hi-Chews
I love this polish because it is the perfect shade of pink and the little black glitters are fantastic. It also has white shimmer which I haven't seen much before in nail polishes. I love something unique!

Red-Eyed Lacquer Don't Go Dragon-On My Hi-Chews

I love this topper which you can also wear on its own. I love the mix of iridescent flakes and holographic bits. This polish is inspired by a diamond and it feels so opulent and rich on the nail too.

Paint It Pretty Polish Eternal Love swatch

I love soft and delicate polishes. Ghost Rose fits the bill perfectly with the shimmer and holo flakes. It is such a stunning polish and work appropriate for those who are concerned about that.

Cirque Colors Ghost Rose swatch

I love this vampy, juicy and iridescent jelly. It stands out in my collection as something unique. I love it and it is a definite standout from the past year.

Girly Bits I've Missed CN You swatch

Polished for Days Hitchhiking Ghosts
I love this shifty blue and turquoise polish because it glows from within. It has a magical quality to it plus it's inspired by The Haunted Mansion which is my favourite Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom ride.

Polished for Days Hitchhiking Ghosts swatch

Paint It Pretty Polish Get the Party Started swatch

Great Lakes Lacquer The Enabling Sisters

Great Lakes Lacquer The Enabling Sisters

Femme Fatale Twinkle Sprinkle

Femme Fatale Twinkle Sprinkle swatch

And a bonus because it's not really a nail polish so much as a manicure. Though I did use Paint It Pretty Polish Disco Ball to create this look and absolutely loved it. You can read the full post on how I create this happy face nail art look here.

Happy face nail art

Which polishes made your personal list for best of 2020?

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