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Saturday, February 13, 2021

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Hi friends! I have a rainbow of nail polishes to share with you today in the form of a new collection from Great Lakes Lacquer. I have the privilege of being a guest blogger for the brand and what an amazing collection to be guest blogging about. As we are in the depths of winter, Mariah created The True North collection, based off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The True North collection captures some of Mariah's favourite places. In Michigan, there is "Up North" and "The True North" and, to most, you don't reach the True North until you cross the bridge. This collection is Great Lakes Lacquer's tribute to The True North... and it is truly spectacular. 

The Great Lakes Lacquer The True North Collection will be released on February 18 at 9 p.m. EST. The True North Collection will be available for $95 USD for the entire collection or $13 USD per polish on the Great Lakes Lacquer websiteIf you purchase the entire collection by February 21 at 9 p.m. EST it will be only $75 USD.

I have a live swatch video so you can see these nail polishes in action on the Streets Ahead Style YouTube channel. Check out the following awesome swatchers for more photos of this beautiful polish on different skin tones: 

Great Lakes Lacquer True North Collection swatches

Check out my live swatch video! 

Great Lakes Lacquer The West Bluff

Great Lakes Lacquer The West Bluff is a pine green filled with a gold to green to indigo shifting shimmer.  This is a green sister to "Like My... Boomerang" from Hella Handmade Creations for those who are a fan of that finish. This nail polish has an absolutely fantastic polish and I did not experience any staining. 

The scenic outlook at the top of Brockway Mountain.  The overlook is amazing and such a beautiful place.

Great Lakes Lacquer The West Bluff

Great Lakes Lacquer The West Bluff

Great Lakes Lacquer U.S. 2 swatch

Great Lakes Lacquer U.S. 2 is a pavement gray with a teal to purple to magenta shifting shimmer. Two coats here and top coat. Another fantastic formula and the shimmer is very strong. GLL has a great formula and all of these polishes were a pleasure to paint with. 

A stretch of highway in the UP that follows the shores of Lake Michigan for much of its time in Michigan.  A great road for a scenic drive.

Great Lakes Lacquer U.S. 2 swatch

Great Lakes Lacquer Tahquamenon Falls

Great Lakes Lacquer Tahquamenon Falls is a mustardy yellow/orange glowing with a copper to gold to green shifting shimmer. Wow! This award of most unique polish in this collection goes to this baby right here. It's pretty much like a yellow to orange to green multichrome. I have never seen anything like it and I love it. It looks amazing on deep skin tones. Another two coater.

A beauty!  The water from the falls is a notable brown/yellow due to tannins.

Great Lakes Lacquer Tahquamenon Falls
Great Lakes Lacquer Sunset on Summit Peak

Great Lakes Lacquer Sunset on Summit Peak is a deep oxblood that borders raisin filled with a fiery red to gold to green shifting shimmer. Hubba hubba. Another beauty! I built this up in three coats of perfection. I love how rich and shifty this nail polish is. 

Summit Peak is the highest point in the Porcupine Mountains.

Great Lakes Lacquer Sunset on Summit Peak

Great Lakes Lacquer Sunset on Summit Peak

Great Lakes Lacquer Dusk on The Shores of Portage is a deep blurple glowing with a red to orange to gold to green shifting shimmer. I really, really, really love this polish. The shimmer is unreal and the formula is perfect. Another two coater. So glorious!

Inspired by the amazing Portage river and the magic that happens at dusk.  MTU and Houghton is settled on this beautiful land and my son is amazingly lucky to spend time in this gorgeous setting.

Great Lakes Lacquer Pictured Rocks is a sheer violet blue brimming with flakes that shift from green to blue and pink and purple and a shimmer to match. This is so pretty! It looks mostly blue to me because of the flakes and shimmer in spite of the base. Beautiful at any rate! Three coats here as it was a bit more sheer than the others and top coat.

The famous lake shore of Munising.

Great Lakes Lacquer UP Star Gazing is an "old school" glowing holographic with holo micro flake of the same material.  NOTE: the glow will increase after fully dry.  Some lights reflect the glow of the holo more than others. I was able to catch this one out in the sunlight and you can see how truly holo this polish is. I absolutely love this holo! I have to say the formula is divine and you do really see it get more and more holo as it dries. Two coats and top coat.

Star gazing in the UP is amazing!  There are so many beautiful spots in nature that you can choose to clearly see the milky way in the 'true north'.

Great Lakes Lacquer Lake Of The Clouds is a jade green reflecting a copious amount of magenta to gold to green shifting shimmer and a strong scattered holographic finish. Holy moly! Another amazing shimmery polish that looks almost purple at some angles. I applied this in two easy coats. I just can't get over how beautiful this one is.

Located within the Porcupine Mountains, this beautiful inland lake is nestled in the valley floor between steep, sweeping vistas of rolling hills filled with forest life.

Did any of these catch your eye? I love how this collection creates a unique rainbow when put altogether as you can see in the header image. 

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